• Hello INSAF I have passed all three Strategic level papers with scores: E3 - 62, F3 - 64, P3 - 53. I have enjoyed studying with INSAF tutors and will definitely recommend your school to my colleagues as best way to go through all professional papers of CIMA. You are really the best and the price is affordable - which is important !


    CIMA Strategic Level (First Attempt)

  • I have passed my CIMA T4 Examination at the first attempt. I am sure this is due to the excellent tuition once again provided by INSAF. I can't thank you enough for the services. Thank you once again for providing a very professional service. I will have no hesitation in recommending your services.

    Andrew Grundy ,

    CIMA Strategic Level & T4 Student

  • I would highly recommend studying CIMA with INSAF. The tutors are very professional and each lesson is tailored for my specific needs. I really enjoyed learning with INSAF and receive support from them throughout this journey

    Sara Kwok,

    CIMA Certificate, Operational, Management & Strategic levels.
    United Kingdom.

  • I am so glad I met up with you, as without your assistance, I would have been nowhere near ready. Your tutoring was of an absolutely excellent standard. Thank you for everything

    Jane Livingston

    CIMA E1 & F1 Subjects
    Administration Manager,South Africa

  • Good morning. Hope you are well. Good news for you - I have got 60% in F1. I really didn't think of passing the exam. The credit goes to you. Thank you so much for your help and support. It would not have been possible to pass without the help of INSAF tutors. Please suggest me how to progress now. Hope I will pass CIMA with INSAF. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your help. Kind regards,

    Jayita Chatterjee,


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